Mass is not celebrated in our Parish every day.


Regularly on Mondays, and sometimes on other days, parishioners gather for other forms of communal prayer.


With fewer Priests this is becoming more common.


The Mass is the greatest prayer but not the only prayer.


In our tradition other forms of communal prayer play an important role.


Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer (parts of the 'Liturgy of the Hours') have been celebrated for centuries, although mainly by Priests and religious.


Celebrations of God's Word also have a respected place in our worship.


They are like the Liturgy of the Word at Mass and may be followed by the distribution of Holy Communion.


This is what normally happens in our Parish but as time goes by we may explore other possibilities.


It is good to remember that hearing God's Word and reflecting on it is sufficient reason in itself for us to gather for prayer.


These occasions help us better appreciate Christ's real presence in those who pray together ("Where two or three..." Matt 18:20), and in God's Word proclaimed in the scriptures, as the 2nd Vatican Council taught us.


Parishioners are encouraged to take part whenever these services occur and so support our life of prayer in the Parish.