Auckland Common Fund Limited

Attendance Dues Sponsorship Scheme

A new scheme, called the Attendance Dues Sponsorship Scheme, has been created this year to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of attendance dues.  The new scheme is operated by the Auckland Common Fund Limited.


The primary purpose of the new sponsorship scheme is to allow parents facing financial hardship another option to seek relief where they may be reluctant to approach their school community for help.  The scheme is available to parents / caregivers of preference students attending all Catholic integrated schools in the Auckland Diocese.


The existing financial hardship scheme, operated by your parish school, is also available to parents facing hardship and we do encourage families facing financial difficulties to please contact your school office or your Parish Priest.


If you are facing financial hardship and wish to apply for assistance with the payment of attendance dues under the new sponsorship scheme, you are invited to phone in confidence, either Niki Vernon (Ph. 360 3058) or Carol Krebs (Ph. 360 3069) at the Auckland Diocese office.